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    Question Refinishing Trim. Need Primer?

    I'm working on stripping the 8 layers of paint on the molding of the 1910 victorian we just bought. The paint is thick and cracking in the grooves of the molding. There was a clear finish on the wood, then an unknown type of paint, and finally latex on the topmost layer. I've got most of it down to bare wood. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of wood it is. All I know is that it seems fairly hard, and is quite dark, like milk chocolate.

    Do I need to prime before repainting, and if yes, what type of primer? Refinishing w/ clear coat is not something we're interested in. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Refinishing Trim. Need Primer?

    Personally I would rather see a clear coat go on first, it makes it easier for the next person if they want to go natural. It sounds like you have walnut wood work.
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    Default Re: Refinishing Trim. Need Primer?

    my heart is screaming, *Noooooo don't paint it again* but if you must go with the clear coat first.
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