We just bought a house in the Seattle area, built in 1946, that is a bit of a fixer-upper. It has a converted attic and basement. When we opened up some of the exterior walls in a main floor bedroom, we found disaster: extensive rot and moisture ant damage to the wall framing. There are two areas of damage; both are at inside corners where water has seeped in through gaps in the exterior cedar shake siding up near the roof line/gutters. The house was insulated with old batts that look like they are made of brown paper, and this provided a nice home for the moisture ants. In both areas, the ants completely disintegrated the top half of the corner studs, and also ate through part of the adjacent studs on either side of the inside corner, and it looks like the bottom plate and top plate are damaged as well. These corners support the roof rafters which converge and sit above the corner studs. We'd like to know what process will likely be needed to repair the framing, and how much to expect it to drain our bank account!