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    I want to build a deck coming off at the second floor level. There will be a porch below that will need to be dried in. I am considering a torch down roof to waterproof the second floor deck. I would like to have a composite deck on top of the torch down surface. What would be the best way to install the deck so as not to compromise the roof surface below? Or, is there a better way to achieve the second floor deck and have it waterproofed below? Thanks for your help!

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    Your first step is: Talk to several general contractors in your area. When you narrow your choice to one particular contractor, have him draw plans and get them checked at your local building department. If they approve the plans, they'll issue you a building permit.

    If you want to DIY, draw your own plans or have an architect do it for you.

    Second floor deck is a different animal from a first floor deck, and that's why your inspector will want to see every structual step of the way.

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