I have issues with stained concrete.

We had our steps, walkway and driveway "stained" with a water based concrete stain. I wanted an acid stain but was talked into it by a contractor who poured my driveway.

A few weeks after the "job" was done, the stain and sealer which also was very slippery and caused several falls, started peeling. I asked him to remove the paint. He removed it from the driveway only and then placed a concrete overlay on the driveway which is now chipping and peeling.

I would like to eventually have everything looking the same, don't think it's too much to ask?

My questions are:

1. What is the best way to remove the paint and slippery sealer from the walkway?

2. I don't want to remove the overlay, I think it would be too massive a job. Can the concrete overlay be acid stained?

Or is there now a water based product that would soak into the concrete and not lay on top of it?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.