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    Default How to fix a bad concrete paint job


    I have issues with stained concrete.

    We had our steps, walkway and driveway "stained" with a water based concrete stain. I wanted an acid stain but was talked into it by a contractor who poured my driveway.

    A few weeks after the "job" was done, the stain and sealer which also was very slippery and caused several falls, started peeling. I asked him to remove the paint. He removed it from the driveway only and then placed a concrete overlay on the driveway which is now chipping and peeling.

    I would like to eventually have everything looking the same, don't think it's too much to ask?

    My questions are:

    1. What is the best way to remove the paint and slippery sealer from the walkway?

    2. I don't want to remove the overlay, I think it would be too massive a job. Can the concrete overlay be acid stained?

    Or is there now a water based product that would soak into the concrete and not lay on top of it?

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: How to fix a bad concrete paint job

    First of all your contractor did not use a concrete stain. A concrete stain sinks into the concrete itself and will not peel. It is also not slippery. He probably used a concrete paint and sealer. I have used H & C Concrete Stain for decades and have done several shuffleboard courts as well as other applications. Any good paint store carries it or will order it for you. They do have the water based stain. The stain will wear somewhat and fade a little but it will not peel or be slippery.

    There is no easy way to remove paint from a sidewalk except a power grinder. You can rent one from any Home Depot rental center or other rental center. Get the electric grinder because the gas powered grinder is a real beast to control. Your problem will be grinding it too smooth. Your sidewalk probably has a "broom finish" to give it just enough roughness to keep it from being slippery when wet. You could also consider sandblasting it but that would be a professional job that will cost you some money but the sidewalk will retain some roughness to keep it non slippery. Paint removal products will also work but are also expensive, labor intensive and potentially harmful if not handled right. These are your choices unless someone comes up with something else.

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    Default Re: How to fix a bad concrete paint job

    There is a chemical stripper that eats paint vary well, and its safe to use. It is called soy gel by franmar. The mosy important part when using the product is to keep it wet as long as possable and let it do the work. I like to use it when it is cool out and humid; I also cover it with plastic to help keep it from drying. Once it is soft enough just sc**** the paint away (should be vary soft, if not leave it on longer).

    You can acid stain an overlay, use an acetone dye, or water based bye. I company called Kemiko makes all of these products. All of them soak into the concrete and are transparent. Just make sure you use a sealer, because the will wear a way as the concrete erodes.

    Hope this helps.

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