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    Default Concrete Pool Edging cracking after only a month!


    I am writing with a question about our newly poured cantilever edge around our fiberglass pool that was just installed. We have a stamped concrete edge around the pool, the rest of the patio is brushed concrete. The corner of one of the sides of the cantilever edging is already cracked and it extends from the top of the pool, up the corner and then out onto the stamped concrete part, right where it meets the brushed concrete. There are cuts in both the stamped edging and brushed concrete parts but this crack does not follow that path.

    I know concrete can be tricky but 30 days seems too short for cracks like this to already be happening. The stamped concrete edging also has numerous fissures in it.

    Does Anyone have any experience with this, is this normal? I tried to attach a picture but the file size is too large.

    Any help or advice that you can give us would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Concrete Pool Edging cracking after only a month!

    Too many possibilities. Quality of the concrete, inadequate or no re-enforcing, not enough expansion joints or saw cuts.
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    Default Re: Concrete Pool Edging cracking after only a month!

    Call the concrete guy/pool contractor tomorrow morning to discuss the situation. Demand results.

    Did you retain any of the money to be paid to the contractor?

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    Default Re: Concrete Pool Edging cracking after only a month!

    Depends on how the contractor cured the concrete, most likely they are just shrinkage cracks (not structrual cracks). They usually apear if the concrete dries to quickly in the first 30 days. Thats why it is vary important to keep the concrete curing for 30 days.

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