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    I installed a privet hedge that is about 125 feet long. It is about 4-yrs old. I spaced each planting about 18 inches apart. Most are growing and maturing well. Some are starting to die off. It seems like the shrubs that are out of the sun didn't grow as well as the ones in the sun. Any reason for the die-off and are these better suited for sunny areas? I live in Wisconsin so the winters are pretty cold.

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    18 inches is pretty close together, I think you are seeing natural thinning occurring here. Spacing depends on height so if you keep the hedge trimmed to 4 or 5' tall, they should thin out to about 3' apart. If you let them grow unchecked, they will thin out to about 10 to 12' apart.

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    Ligustrum needs full sun and no root competition to fill in and form a thick hedge. I think 3ft spacing for a 6ft tall hedge would be optimum. Depending on where you live, it may be classified as an invasive species. As I recall, it has a unique smell when in flower, kind of cloying and sweet.
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