My neighbor, bless his heart, is long on ideas and short on cash and abilities. He is trying to build himself an art studio in the backyard, which is basically going to be a shed style structure.

Rather than putting on a typical gable roof, he wants to do sort of a modified shed roof (single pitch to one side ). I don't know what the style is called, so I'll try to describe it.

Basically the shed is 12' wide. He wants to do a single pitch across 8' of it. At the ridge he wants a vertical drop and then continue the roof with another pitch to the outside wall. If you hold your hands in the shape of a gable, now drop one hand down about 2", that is what he wants to do.

I say it will significantly increase his costs to do this and have recommended simplicity, but I respect his wanting to not have this monolithic structure to look at, and to be honest, I don't want to look at some hacked together POS either.

The cost of trusses is going to be prohibitive, so what would be a suitable framing solution? I am thinking a joist across the span, then installing a vertical at 8' to carry the main roof slope and then attach the shorter and lower slope to the side of the vertical. The roof is going to be tin over 1x4 and waffle boards, so weight will be minimal. Total span is 12', roof pitch 4/12.

What would be the proper dimension for the joist and vertical piece. The top I'm figuring 2x4 with some structural webbing to carry the span.