About 2 weeks ago we had a small flood in the bottom floor of our split level, where water came in from the crawlspace (unplugged sump pump!), and covered about 1/3 of the basement room (1 inch deep in parts). We had the water mopped up in a couple hours.

The flooring in this room is a floating wood (engineered) floor, over a concrete slab. Under the floor is a foam silencing pad, with a moisture barrier. Since then, we have had fans and dehumidifiers going 24/7, but some of the floor has started to buckle.

We fear that the pad underneath the floor will remain wet, and that we have to have the entire floor taken up to replace the pad. We had Servpro come out, and they took moisture readings of the wood which were pretty high - far beyond where the actual water was in the room, but they said it can spread underneath the wood. They also scared the heck out of us, talking about the possibility of mold, keeping the kids out of that room, etc.

I would really appreciate some advice as to a good course of action. My thought is to have all the wood floor taken up (it is tongue/groove, there was no glue), replace the pad and dry the concrete, and put the same wood back down. Does this seem like the most sensible option? Is the risk of mold growth underneath the wood a real one? I assume the wood can be effectively dried out? FYI, we live in North Carolina, fairly humid.

Thank you for your advice.