Yesterday I began the process of power-washing my front stoop, which hasn't been cleaned in 4 years... lots of grime on both the railing (which is painted PVC) and the deck itself (which is unstained ipe). I got finished with less than 1/3 of the job before having trouble with the power washer, now being fixed.

I'm concerned, though, that I might have damaged the ipe through power washing. This morning, as it dries, sections seem like they're whitish -- almost the effect you'd get from brick which was leaching lime. When wet, the ipe is its beautiful reddish color. But now that it dries, I have to wonder whether I've done some damage, and if so how to address it.

Given the hardness of ipe, and given the fact that was red when installed -- unvarnished or stained, as I mentioned above -- I'm also somewhat doubtful this is damage from the power washer. But what could it be? I'm confused... help!