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    Default Low hot water pressure at bathroom sink

    I felt some resistance when turning on the hot water at my bathroom sink yesterday. When the water started flowing there was very low pressure. The cold water is fine.

    I disconnected the supply line and turned on the water to find what appeared to be obstructed flow out of the wall.

    I don't have any experience troubleshooting plumbing issues residing before the local shut off. Is there anything I can do short of calling a plumber? Thanks!


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    Default Re: Low hot water pressure at bathroom sink

    If your hot water is low in your bathroom sink only, then you have an obstruction somewhere on the line leading to the sink faucet.

    What kind of pipes do you have?

    It could be in the wall nipple, the angle stop valve, the supply line to the faucet or in the faucet. I would start with replacing the nipple. Install a new nipple and see if the pressure improves. If not, report back.

    If you don't know how or if you don't have the tools, call a plumber/handyman.

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