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    Default Paint won't stay on Masonite Siding

    I live in a mobile home in Northern Montana. It gets very cold here in the winter. I have painted and repainted the ugly masonite siding on the exterior of the home. When it gets really cold and the wind blows, the paint cracks, peels and blows off in sheets. What can I do to get the paint to stick to this siding??????

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    Default Re: Paint won't stay on Masonite Siding

    Are you using a primer under the paint? And what kind of paint are you using?

    Masonite does tend to hold some moisture which will lower the bond between it and the primer or paint. This may not show up till long after the moisture is gone since some bonding will remain. Once this bond is lost, it will not return even after the Masonite dries.

    Mobile homes can be tough to seal against water ingression so make sure everything is right from the top down first. Then caulk well, letting it cure completely, and apply a top-of-the-line primer rated for exterior use, letting it dry for the indicated time on the label before painting. That should fix your problem!


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