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    Default upside down fiberglass bats in attic

    just bought a older house in Pittsburgh PA and found the fiberglass insulation batting in the attic was installed with the paper side up. i do not know how long it has been this way. i plan to just reverse it and perhaps add another layer of unfaced fiberglass on top. could this cause any problems?

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    Default Re: upside down fiberglass bats in attic

    Where is your house located? Normally the facing goes toward the warmer side.

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    Default Re: upside down fiberglass bats in attic

    You shouldn't have problems doing it that way. Were it me I'd feel for any moisture on the ceiling sheetrock and if I found any I would turn the existing insulation on edge for a few days to let it dry out before I installed it correctly this time, with the vapor barrier facing the living space underneath. Then I'd give the insulation itself a week to dry out before adding the additional insulation.

    If everything is dry from the start (very likely) then just go for it and start saving money on your HVAC bills right away!


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