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    I have a 100 year old house and on the second floor, one corner of one room is sagging by around 2 inches. This is also the only room on the second floor to have a subfloor installed in it. What could some of the causes be for the floor to sag that much?

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    The reason most likely is weak support. It could be the joists. You will have to open the subfloor to see what's going on and then determine how to solve it. May be a job for a framer.

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    Cant rule out termites! They love to eat up floor joists. Is the floor bouncy? Are there any other signs of shifting ( cracking plaster ,door jambs that are no longer square with the doors, etc.)

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    1- poor framing when it was built
    2- undersized materials
    3- low quality materials
    4- joist spacing too wide
    5- joist span too long
    6- floor overloaded
    7- powder post beetles
    8- termites
    9- supporting wall was removed at some point
    10- plumber or electrician hacked at a joist or two

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