Hello, new to this site....we have recently purchased an old brick farmhouse with plaster walls. I have been told plaster is the superior material. I would like to keep them if possible. We have talked to several experienced builders, but we seem to get conflicting opinions frequently. The walls do have cracks but are generally straight and fairly flat. I have not found any areas where i can push, or where they seem loosened from the lathe. However, i would like to get to a smooth, crack free surface for painting. Some have recommended just gluing a thin drywall directly to the plaster. This concerns me because of the weight. Others have said to properly repair the cracks then resurface with drywall mud. Yet others have said to use caulk for filling cracks. How do we know who to believe? or which course of action is best? These are supposedly reputable people...why so many different opinions? Difficult to find a plaster "expert" so far. How can I find an expert in my area? any input would be appreciated.