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    Default 130V vs 120V Halogen Bulbs

    I recently had some lights installed and noticed they were not very bright -- almost like they were on a dimmer. I took out a bulb and noticed it was labeled 130V. Of course US is 120V so I'm not sure why a 130V would even be sold here. I'm guessing this is why they are so dim and I need to get a 120V bulb. The bulb is a Sylvania Capsylite Halogen 50W PAR30.

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    Default Re: 130V vs 120V Halogen Bulbs

    In the US it's common to find 130V bulbs sold as "long-life" bulbs. A 100W 130V bulb will consume about 92 watts at 120V, and probably output even less light than a 100W 120V bulb.

    A properly rated 120V "long life" bulb will still have lower lumens than a regular bulb of the same wattage, but be more expensive than a 130V bulb -- and not be as dim.
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