While cleaning my dryer vent I noticed the connection from the top of the wall to the roof (semi rigid aluminum flex)had come undone(at the top of the wall). To my surprise I found 3x4 downspout being used in the wall for the dryer duct. It was attached with duct tape that had failed. I went and got 4 inch round to replace it as there was a 6 inch wall but upon opening the wall found the reason this had been done was two 110v wires running perpendicular in the wall. I am guessing this is not to code but not really sure how to fix it. The laundry room has a dropped ceiling and all other ceilings around it are cathedral so rerouting the wiring is not going to be easy. I am currently modifying the downspout so it can better be attached to the ducting to the roof but I'd like a best practice solution. I can fit 4inch duct but no assurance it will not come into contact with the electrical wiring. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks