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    Default Flower box and flagpole

    My dad installed an iron flowerbox and a flagpole bracket on my brick exterior. He drilled holes insterted wood dowls and then screwed the flowerbox and flagpole bracket into that. The flowerbox has been just fine but I have noticed that one dowl is pulling out. The flagpole does not want to stay in for more than one summer. Every summer I find I have to put in new dowls. How can I attached these to my home in a more secure fashion, keeping in mind the holes for the dowls are fairly large. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Flower box and flagpole

    Wood expands and contracts and not a good choice for this project. I would sugest you go to a hardware store and buy lead raw plugs rather than dowels.

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    Default Re: Flower box and flagpole

    There are many things more appropriate than a dowel for this application.

    Redheads - This is a sleeved expansion bolt that is inserted into a hole. As the nut is tightened the bolt is pulled through wedges that expand and bind to the sides of the hole, the harder you pull, the more it expands. There are several types of this anchor to choose from, not just the "redhead" brand.

    You could epoxy your anchors into the brick.

    This is what comes to mind in the moment, there are others as well.
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    Default Re: Flower box and flagpole

    The idea is to drive screws into anchors that will EXPAND, but if you drill a hole which is too large, you may no be able to achieve that.

    There are also the ideas of using: 1. toggle bolts 2. drive the screws into studs. 3. fill your holes and drill new ones.

    Please send photos after you finish...

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