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    Default Exhaust fan w/heat lamp worth the $?

    My sole bathroom (tiny) has an exhaust fan that doesn't seem to work very well, despite the room's small size. So I'm thinking of upgrading. Has anyone bought an exhaust fan that has a built-in heating lamp or heater unit? Are they worth the cost? My tiny bathroom does have a heat source (hot water heat), but it's not very effective.

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    Default Re: Exhaust fan w/heat lamp worth the $?

    A good exhaust fan is well worth the money. A decent one runs about $120.

    The heat lamps in a bathroom fixture are generally the same as ones used to keep your french fries warm at the fast food restaurant. The better exhaust fans have an electric coil and a separate blower fan. These often require a separate 20amp circuit and work very well.

    Broan and Panasonic make good ones.

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