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    Default Tiny black bugs with antenna and 6!?

    we have been finding these tiny black bugs all over our house for a few weeks now. We've had Terminex come out twice now and we are still finding them daily. They are very small, smaller than a tic tac I would say. They have a roundish body, 6 legs, and longer antenna. I took a picture of one to show the pest control guy and he said it was a roach baby. I believed that's what they were too, however we have had them for a few weeks and the bugs we're seeing aren't getting any bigger. We haven't seen any full size roaches in quite some time. We live in Florida, so roaches are quite common here. Anyway...I have done all I can think of to get rid of these bugs. I've cleaned under every appliance, eliminated any food source I can think of, Terminex has sprayed twice, we've sprayed our own store bought bug stuff. I'm finding them mostly in the kitchen (although not in the pantry near the food. Usually on the floor), and in our master bedroom..which incidently are in the same area of the house. Help! Any ideas what bugs we could be dealing with here?

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    Default Re: Tiny black bugs with antenna and 6!?

    Try BORIC ACID, it's a white powder, comes in a plastic bottle, sold everywhere - Walmart, Walgreen, etc.

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