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    Default Can't find cover for 2 foot baseboard heater

    I have a 2-foot-long hot water baseboard heater unit in my small bathroom. It's been missing its cover since I moved in to the 1930s house. It seems no one sells baseboard heater covers that are 2 feet in length. Does anyone have ideas for where I can find a cover? At this point, I'm even considering making my own.

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    Default Re: Can't find cover for 2 foot baseboard heater

    Is it hot water baseboard or electric? If it's hot water post a picture and I maybe able to help you. Some of the manufactures made 2' sections.


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    Default Re: Can't find cover for 2 foot baseboard heater

    Perhaps any short length of 2' steel or aluminum can be cut with a hack saw, or steel-cutting blade on a jig saw or circular saw (always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes if you do this) and fashioned into a piece that will fit your needs; another good alternative is to consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Equipment, Parts & Supplies" for local parts houses in your area----they all carry what's known in the trade as "dummy baseboard", which comes in lengths beginning with 2' and going up to 10' or more (as you note in your post, many jobbers don't carry the 2' length)----choose white if they have different colors available, unless some other color will better go with your particular bathroom.

    These units are also sometimes called "baseboard enclosures"---some jobbers may have only a 4' section as their shortest element, in such case the 4' element can be installed in your bathroom, providing there is enough physical room to do so, otherwise you will have to cut 2' off the end, and dress the cut ends with a file, and touch up the cut ends with white paint to cover the bare steel (observe the use of safety glasses if you do this), or search around the other jobbers for a 2' unit; don't ignore internet sources; Google "hydronic baseboard enclosures" or "hydronic dummy baseboard"---probable cost is ballpark $15-$25.

    Dummy baseboard is composed of all the thin sheet steel exterior parts of the baseboard elements, and excludes the inner copper finned heating element----the old steel cover element you have in place now can be removed without disconnecting or having to drain the copper-finned heating element, & the new dummy shell can be installed in its piece by piece sections over that; putting in a dummy unit usually avoids cutting, matching & painting issues; the new unit is new & looks great & will really dress up the appearance of the bathroom; be advised that the new dummy price doesn't include the right & left end-caps, which will cost perhaps another $10 each, plus shipping if ordered via internet, bringing the final price close to $50.
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    Default Re: Can't find cover for 2 foot baseboard heater

    I can not post links yet but if you go to and search for SKU:103409020

    2ft. Multi/Pak 80D Baseboard (Cover Only) $19.85

    Multi/Pak 80 is the ideal choice for deluxe residential heating or for a broad range of light commercial heating requirements. With a choice of heating elements for hot water or steam systems, output ranges from 840 to 1030 Btuh (with 200+water temperature). It' s built with hefty brackets and an 18-gauge front panel.
    Height: 8-7/8"
    Depth: 3-1/2"
    Package: Cover Only

    Hope this helps or at least gets you going in the right direction.

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