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    Default Replacing cast iron radiator with cast iron baseboard

    Hi all,
    I searched around the forum and couldn't find a post addressing this (sorry if this is a repost). We're remodeling a bedroom (Boston Metrowest area) and trying to save some space by replacing a huge corto-type standing cast iron radiator (5 tubes, 12 sections, 38" height) with cast iron baseboard heating (Burnham baseray or equivalent). Two issues:

    1) I'm having a hard time nailing down a proper conversion to confirm the length of baseboard needed to achieve sufficient heat output (most of the data out there is for converting from one size/shape standing radiator to another). The room is 13' x 14.5' x 8' and we have a hot water gravity fed system.

    2)I also have a feeling that the existing radiator is way over-sized for the room, but they did this to compensate for the fact that the room is at the end of a loop (2 rooms on the floor get very hot, 2 rooms stay pretty cold). We're considering splitting the loop to heat the second floor more evenly (my contractor insists this would be easy to do).

    Does anyone know if converting to cast-iron baseboard is feasible in this situation, and how I might estimate the panel length we'd need?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Default Re: Replacing cast iron radiator with cast iron baseboard

    I have some trouble understanding you. You mean to say that you have a hot water gravity system? Then yes, you can convert. But you mention Burnham. would that be the brand of boiler or radiator? Burnham does not specifically make a gravity feed boiler. It is very feasible, but Im not familiar with a cast iron base board. You can install an average low profile base board, but with any base board a concern I have is the piping connections. They will have to be re-routed to accommodate the base board from end to end, if you know what I mean.

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    Default Re: Replacing cast iron radiator with cast iron baseboard

    The cast iron radiator you have will produce 12240 BTU's The BTU output on cast iron baseboard is 578 BTU' per ft. You would need 21' of baseboard to equal the output your getting from the radiator.


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