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    Exclamation evergreens w/grown over guide wires

    i bought my first house last sep. loved the huge evergreens(may be junipers) in the front yard. just found today they are looking pretty bad. wires are grown over by bark too far to remove. trees are stressing and getting cankers above the wire. foliage is yellowing- browning- falling off. one tree is worse than the other 2 larger ones and i have cut off all cankers and done my best to get to the wire to losen it. can i save them? help! thanks

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    Default Re: evergreens w/grown over guide wires

    If you really like & want to save the trees, call in a good tree company/arborist to look at them. It sounds like they may be too far gone, but I cant see them.
    I had a neighbor whose pine trees kept blowing over. It turns out the previous owner did not remove the plastic burlap around the root ball & the roots had no where to go.

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    Default Re: evergreens w/grown over guide wires

    Trees will grow around anything and not be harmed. And Junipers are very hardy. As large as you say the trees are, those cankers you removed was like a scab on a skinned knee - looks worse than it is. But evergreens turn yellow from disease or lack of water and there is no salvaging the dead branches. They must be cut off, then the moisture will go into the healthy remainder. Not being able to see the tree (itself) it's hard to judge but a conservation arborist could tell you. I certainly would not cut them down unless they are diseased.

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