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Thread: Fog Horn sound

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    Default Fog Horn sound

    We have a fog horn sound every time we flush the toilets on all the floors and also when we run the laundry. The sound stops when we open any water tap on. It seems to happen frequently during summer time or when the weather is warm outside.During winter time its once or twice a month. What seems to be the problem?
    Last summer we got the water pressure checked and the pressure was ok.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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    Default Re: Fog Horn sound

    when a fog horn sounds you're supposed to slow the boat to a walking pace, sound your horn and keep your eyes peeled for oncoming traffic.

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    Default Re: Fog Horn sound

    Fog-Horn sound is often associated with a worn internal neoprene washer on older-type ballcock valves (water refill valve) inside the toilet tank(s)---these older ballcocks are usually made of brass.

    The rubber or neoprene membrane washer inside the ballcock wears out & begins to vibrate as the tank fills after a flush; opening another faucet will temporarily reduce the water pressure & thus often reduce the sound; it's probably just one defective neoprene washer---try to locate the offending ballcock by removing the cover from each toilet in the house & flushing----the fog horn noise should increase considerably when you flush the toilet that has the defective ballcock.

    The ballcock neoprene washer itself can be replaced, providing the local store carries your particular part replacement ; the water supply to the toilet is turned off & the top of the ballcock is unscrewed & the old washer replaced; take your old part to Home Depot, Lowe's or the local hardware store.

    Another good alternative is to replace the entire ballcock with an all-plastic reliable Fluidmaster Model 400A refill valve; Google "ballcock valve noise" or follow the sites below toward the section on ballcocks.

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    Default Re: Fog Horn sound

    Thank you for replying. All the toilets in the house currently have fluidmaster 400a refill valves. What I can't seem to understand is why its happening to all the toilets, washing machine and the taps. Moreover this gets worse only during summer. Its driving us nuts. Please help!!!!

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