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    Default Painting - Florida

    We have a very dark family room facing north. There is a covered porch off the sliding patio door and this blocks the natural light. This is the only window in the room. What color should we paint the room to make it appear brighter.

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    Take a cue from the lightest color in a print of fabric or the sofa & chair in the room. If not, check out any color styles on the web. Maybe go with pale blue or in the yellow family to simulate the sky & sunshine. Careful with yellows though, soft is best in a fam room. Start with tinted primer like Zinsser, then plan at least 2 coats of topcoats. Use "eggshell" acrylic to bounce light but not glare.

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    Default Re: Painting - Florida

    Have you considered adding a couple skylights just outside that patio door to allow more natural light to hit the door?

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