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    Default Backsplash resurface

    Our house's prior owner remodeled the kitchen of our craftsman bungalow as a flip and now our updating must contend with that. I'll try to explain since I can't upload a photo. The backsplash tile is sheet-tile and I intended to apply new mosaic tile over it. The issues are: the old tile is flush to the woodwork so the layers of mortar & tile would stick out past the oak doorframe. And the tile sheet was installed UNDER the counter @(back)top edge. It cannot be ripped off w/o first removing the countertop. However we can't afford to replace it yet. I need some advice "outside the box" for covering the old white tile kitchen backsplash. My "?" is: can I use concrete (& what kind) troweled/skimcoated onto the tile into a faux rock or stucco design? I figure I'll smooth it up to the wood. What kind will stand up to scrubbing once it's dry and what kind of sealant do I apply? I already skimcoated the opposite wall of the same old tile and that worked great. I've built exterior concrete projects and the rustic look is throughout the house so my only concern is function and what products are best.
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