(1) Weeding -- although I want to be ecco friendly, I will need to use "feed & weed" granules to keep the grass green & control weeds. I have several small "pie shape" lawns on the front and about 15,000 sq feet in the back, and they are down-sloped. I have to use mass broadcasting methods.
(2) I also have bare areas in my lawns, for I think, different reasons (shade, all the soil has bad ph, or may over/under watering, I can't tell).

I would like to try seeding the small front lawns because they are curb view, even though the No. Virginia hot season is here. Can I feed & weed, then, seed ?
I bought "contractors seed mix" last year; are the seeds stale, and do I need fresh ?
Should I try a special type of grass seed for shade areas ?
In one small pie lawn, the law is heavily shaded by an old Cherry tree; some people say I should give up grass . . . they say grass won't grown in shade and the Cherry Tree will soak up the energy.