I purchased a new home in FL built in 2008 (I am the original owner). The house has a bedroom off the front that has it's own roof, attached to the main house, of course, but since the room "sticks out" from the house (3 exterior walls), it has it's own gable roof. The room is approx. 110 sq ft.

The problem is that I just noticed recently that the roof over this room has no vent, whereas the main attic has several "turtle vents" in the roof. All attic space has continuous soffit venting.

The thing I also recently noticed is that the same model house down the street has a vent on the front bedroom roof. Additionally, I've been in the main house attic and the main attic space is separated from the front bedroom attic space by plywood that runs vertically along the trusses, so air above that front bedroom can't even vent out into the main attic space.

The problem now is that the house is almost 4 years old. I have a warranty, but I believe the 10 year part of the warranty is just for structural defects. This appears to be a workmanship issue -- they forgot to install a vent. But with the closed-in attic space, I fear that room's roof will fail prematurely due to lack of ventilation.

Is this something I should still be able to pursue under my new home warranty or is it likely too late?