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    The old owner never had the back yard/patio drained correctly. His drywell collapsed last month, and our patio flooded out when it rained.
    We just had a new drywell installed over his. The contractor expanded it so that it is right up against the garage & about 10 feet from our finished basement. I just read that a drywell should not be near any building. The brick garage has a concrete floor and was built in 1930.
    (Another contractor wanted a pipe going from the drywell away from the garage. He did not tell us why, and this contractor's method sounded simpler.)
    Now I'm wondering if we went with the wrong guy.
    Also, his drain cover is half the size of the others around our house. It is the size of a shower drain. The contractor claims that it will be sufficient. But we have a lot of leaves coming down in the fall, and seeds in the spring.
    I should add that they threw a lot of brick and cement blocks into the drywell.
    I'm hoping that this is a correct procedure.
    Any advice or comment appreciated.
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