Hello all - need some feedback and/or suggestions. But a wee bit of background first:

My husband and I moved into our home 4 years ago. It's nothing special and we had no desire to spend more than about 5 or 6 years here. We've done a lot of work to the place without spending much money, as we do the labor ourselves (new flooring in the downstairs, all new hardware, light fixtures, etc.). We are coming to the point where we would like to put it on the market within the next year and there is one large job remaining: the kitchen counters. They are tiled and I hate them with a passion as they are the same ceramic tiles as was used on the floor. Which makes me feel as if I am preparing food on the floor.

Anywho, the people who installed these counter tops did so over what appears to be two layers of MDF with a thin cement board on top. And then used liquid nails (YARGH!!!!) to adhere the counter to the cabinets. No screws were used at all. So my husband and I are looking at this and thinking of our options. We could spend a lot of time on the labor intensive job of trying to chip off the old tiles in order to put on new counters (I think trying to pry apart the top layers would be pointless as I believe they would have used the construction adhesive here as well). Or maybe put a skim coat of concrete over the whole mess but aren't sure how durable or practical that would be. We don't want to spend loads of money prior to putting the place on the market but I also don't want to leave the new owner with questionable counters. The other option is to do nothing and hope that leaving them as is wouldn't extend the time on market or actual selling price of the house by a large margin.

Any suggestions and "here's what I would do" scenarios are greatly appreciated. Thanks.