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    Default cold water missing

    I got a house from the mid '70's and I'm fixing it up, but I'm a little stumped as to why every time I flush...the cold water in shower completely quits and you have to be pretty quick to not get burned or scalded, is this a major problem or can I fix it my self? Help...Thanks

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    Default Re: cold water missing

    It is a common problem with older plumbing, which is why pressure balanced shower valves have become a code requirement. When the toilet is flushed, the cold water pressure drops significantly, causing more hot water to flow than cold, resulting in the scalding. A pressure balance valve senses this pressure differential and prevents a scald situation from happening. Whether there is something other than replacing the valve that you can do, I do not know.
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    Default Re: cold water missing

    Howdy, check and see if the water shut off valve is completely open
    it should be where the water line enters the house ususlly right before the water meter.

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    Default Re: cold water missing

    The balance valve mentioned above is a very good choice. The only other solution I can think of is re-plumbing. A lot of the older houses are plumbed with one " line feeding the bath room which doesn't supply enough water for the toilet and shower. If you run 3/4" to the bathroom and then " branches to the fixtures may also help.
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