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    Default 2 Prong Outlet Upgrading

    The house is over 100 years old. When we purchased the house we hired an electrician to upgrade the house and fuse box. All the rooms were complete except one on the first floor and the basement. Now we would like to upgrade the first floor room.
    I checked the wiring and there is a ground wire! So I installed a outlet. It worked! Then I used a outlet tester and got a "open ground" error.
    Is the issue upstream? And if the ground is attached, then the outlet should be really grounded, right? Can I just move on and do another or does it sound like a job for a pro?

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    Default Re: 2 Prong Outlet Upgrading

    Your ground wire probably stops short of the panel. Unless you can find where it stops and continue it to the panel, run a new wire. If you don't know how, get an electrician do it for you.

    BTW, what size panel do you have?

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