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    Default Gnats are killing me

    Does anybody have an idea on how I can get rid of the gnats in my yard? Its gotten to the point where my family and I can't spend more than five minutes out there. I've tried treating the lawn with an insecticide with my broadcast spreader and it seemed to work against the mosquitos and other bugs, but the gnats are a stubborn bunch - you walk through the lawn and they just swarm.

    Any ideas? Either product or household remedy suggestion welcomed.

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    Default Re: Gnats are killing me

    #1. Clean you back and side yards. Eliminate wet spots and their food supplies.

    #2. Place a few jars with a solution of vinegar and soap around the yard. The gnats will come inside the jars and die.

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    Default Re: Gnats are killing me

    tHIS IS A VERY INEXPENSIVE TREATMENT AND WILL HARM NO ONE i KNOW HOW WELL THIS WORKS ON MOSQUITOS and I don't have much of a problem with gnats any more and also may be why!! PUT LISTERINE in a spray bottle and spray your yard I do not dilute it the first couple of times I do this but then after that I do either 1/2 & 1/2 or a little stronger maybe but I spray our porch and all the way around it and the mosquitos won't bither a bit never thought that that may also be the reason the gnats stay at bay!! IT IS CHEAP AND WORTH A TRY ANYWAYS!!!

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