Would like some opinions on an idea I have for trimming out some existing windows to make them pop off the wall a little better and be more of a focal point in th room.
We built a new home a few years ago and in our family room we have 4 large casement windows 72 x 62 each, drywall-wrapped, no-sills, separated by about 12" of drywall between each window. The window frames are white and the drywall is a tan / light brown earth tone. The appearance is a very clean, modern finish which is very much our style. However, now that the lake that we overlook has been landscaped with shrubs and fountains, we would like to keep a clean / modern appearance but make the windows be have a more dramatic appearance on the inside and be more of a focal point in he room.
I don't like traditional moldings and don't think they would suit the rest of our home, but I discussed with an interior designer and was wondering if you have any opinions about installing trim, about 1" thick and 5" wide all around the window opening, painted white, essentially creating a picture frame around each window. The interior edge would remain drywall wrapped to enhance the contrast between the bright white frame and the window.
I've never seen this before. The concept seems pretty cool, but is there anything I should be concerned about before moving ahead and doing this. Has anybody seen anything like this?

Opinions would be appreciated.