Around 35 years ago my parents added an extension on the house. They included a Pella bay window. Over the last ten years or so my fathers health started failing and he did little maintenance on the house. I was doing a general inspection on the house recently and noticed where the bottom of the bay window is in need of major work. It appears that the wood which rests on the dog legs (I think thatís what theyíre called) is all rotted out. In some areas it feels more like a sponge than a piece of wood.

How do I go about replacing this bottom piece of wood?

What type of wood should I use?

Is it one piece or 3 pieces?

I was told that when I weather proof the new piece of wood, that it takes several months to Ďageí is that true. Then I guess I can paint it. I tried contacting Pella but they wonít help at all. Everything else about the window is in great shape. Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Iíve included a few pictures below so you could see what I what Iím talking about. Thanks!