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    Question Damp Foundation

    Hello everyone! This is my first of many post I hope.

    Anyway, my wife was cleaning out one of our closets and noticed that the wood flooring was buckled and also noticed that the drywall was damp. After ripping the flooring out in the closet and also tearing out the damaged drywall I noticed that the elbow that connect from the diverter to the shower head was leaking and it appears that its been leaking for some time. I had my wife remove everything from the closet and made the repairs but.......

    I left the drywall off and plan on ripping out the rest of the flooring in the closet. My house sits on a raised foundation and the water settled right under the shower so that area is very wet. My question is, what is the easiest and safest way to dry the area that was damaged and or soaked?

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    You must dry the area completely before you can start covering it. Place a couple of portable fans and let them blow air on the wet spots for as long as it takes.

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