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    Default Are upgrades required

    I have lots of questions so hopefully I don't get in trouble as I am not spamming the group.

    I have a evaluation report from a house that we are selling. The house is in Denver county. It is 85+ years old. Some updates were done on the house to make it sellable. MOST things were cosmetic such as tile, carpet and paint. Plumbing was redone. Nothing was done to the electrical with the exception of maybe a new faceplate or two. Lighting fixtures were replaced, but not added.

    Is 220 required in houses? Where would i look up code for my area? They want 220 in the house when there is already a gas stove installed (and working brand new) and there could be a gas dryer. I'll buy a dryer it would be cheaper than adding the 220 in the panel.

    House is wired with 50 amps. Is this required to sell?
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