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    Default Dead Grass on One Side of Driveway

    The grass on one side of our driveway is completely dead and a variety of weeds have taken over. It's really annoying. Our plan is to completely remove the "grass" and about 6" of the underlying material after which we will till and add some top soil then re-sod. Does this sound like a reasonable approach and what do you feel are the reasons for this problem?

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    Default Re: Dead Grass on One Side of Driveway

    Road salt and other contamination from the vehicles that travel on the driveway washing off the driveway to the area.

    The sand mix used on the roads for traction in the winter is usually contaminated with weed killer and other chemicals too.

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    Default Re: Dead Grass on One Side of Driveway

    Don't know how your drainage off the drive is set up, but the chemicals your car is bringing home will only make the problem happen again if you don't correct that. If possible, might try a perf pipe in a plastic lined, gravel filled trough that will catch this runoff and take it away.

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    Default Re: Dead Grass on One Side of Driveway

    If it's a significant area then this probably isn't the problem, but in digging along the sidewalk at my parents where the grass couldn't grow, we found that when the sidewalk was poured they did a sloppy job and there was concrete under the ground for about 8 inches into the yard that was preventing grass from taking root. We chipped it all away and filled in with more soil and all is good.
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