Could you be so kind to help me with following: I recently had several inquiries from friends and colleagues regarding mobile application porting. Since I have done development in iOS, Android, Windows (Mobile/Tablet PC/etc), Symbian they generally come to ask me how to approach porting of existing mobile applications to different mobile platform or how to do cross platform development for mobile applications. I was considering of putting up my experiences in a blog or a booklet (maybe even a full book) but I am not sure how much interest would this generate and how helpful would people find this.
So I have a following questions:
1) What is your opinion how much interest would such blog/booklet(maybe a full book) draw? I would try to focus the content on solving real life problems.
2) What references (web sites/message boards/books/etc) would you recommend for people who are doing mobile application porting and cross platform development in general? I have favorites of my own but I would like to hear opinion of others. I am especially interested in porting mobile applications from other mobile platforms to iPhone.

Thanks in advance to everybody who replies!