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    Default Best Sliding Patio Door?

    Hello! We're planning on putting in a new sliding patio door. We've done some research and have narrowed companies down to Pella, Anderson and Jeld-Wen. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice or recommendations for which company to go with?

    Thanks for the tips

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    Default Re: Best Sliding Patio Door?

    I don't think it's fair to ask the folks here to endorse a sliding door maker.

    Just as important is the installation. Done correctly, and all three will function to your satifaction. I'd compare the sliders (wheels).

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    Default Re: Best Sliding Patio Door?

    You should be go on a shop in your area where you find the best and beautiful Sliding Patio Door and purchase these doors for your home and contact with a constructor to install these Sliding Patio Door.

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    Default Re: Best Sliding Patio Door?

    a proper installation definitely helps but there most definitley are different grades of quality doors out there.

    andersons are at the top. pella's, marvin and kohler also. you can also find small local window and door manufacturers that are decent but you can also find ones that are junk.. ive installed them all. its like anyting though, you get what you pay for
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