I'm building a deck attached to the back of my house. I'm new to this. I have a couple important questions.
First, I've seen on different web sites that instruct you to install the ledger first, then attach the rim joist. Other sites show attach the rim joist first, then the ledger over top the edge of the bracket installed for the rim joist. Which is true?
Second, what is the best method to put together the two pieces for the rim joist, wood screws (how many), bolts?
Third, some web sites show the outmost double joist that attaches to the support posts mounted one on each side of the 6x6 bolted through. Other sites show the double joist bolted on the same side then through the post. Some sites say you should notch the 6x6 for one of the 2x12 and then put the doubled joist on that side. What is the real engineering answer.
Fourth, should the rim joist be bolted or screwed into the support post?

OK....help please!