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    Question Transformer Mounting Question

    I am installing floor heating with a 1500VA transformer/power supply. The instructions state the transformer can reach between 158-176F and is heavily heat sinked but is very vague about locations to mount it.

    Can I mount this on Drywall if it's spaced off the wall to provide some airflow? or should this only be mounted on brick/concrete?

    To ensure optimum conditions and a long service life for power supplies it is important to:
    Position the power supply in such a way that heat is dissipated effectively.
    Never put a power supply where the ambient temperature is higher than 25C
    (77F), unless specified otherwise on the power supply's rating plate.
    The power supply must not be in contact with flammable materials, as it is completely normal for power supplies to heat up and reach 70-80C (158-176F).

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    Default Re: Transformer Mounting Question

    Yes, but you could also cut a piece of sheet metal to put between the sheetrock and the transformer. You want the air gap between the transformer and the sheet metal and if possible, another air gap between the sheet metal and the wall.

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