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    Default You will probably get tired from hearing from me.

    I have an old house (circa 1796) with an old well - don't know when the well was dug, but I understand that it is a 30 ft hand dug well. (recently inherited this house)
    I have not lifted the crumbly cement cap on the well to see what the well is lined with (ie: cement,brick,stone), but I am concerned about the potability of the water.
    I know there is a myriad of tests that can be done - but what would be the MOST important test(s) for drinking safety?
    Thanking you in advance for your help.
    Forgot to mention - the pump for the well is located in what I think was originally a root cellar and not the cellar of the house. The root cellar is about 50 feet from the house and the pipes have frozen during very cold spells (have used a hair dryer to unfreeze). The pipes are somewhat protected from freezing by heat tape, but I am thinking that I need to do something more than that or something different. please any thoughts?
    thank you
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    Default Re: You will probably get tired from hearing from me.

    The only ones we are tired of hearing from are those who ask us about DA VINCI IMPORTED TILES from Home Depot.

    Now, what was the question?

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    Default Re: You will probably get tired from hearing from me.

    yup very tired of hearing about the tile.. ask about the tile your thread will be deleted

    as for your problem, your best bet would be to contact a well drilling company or something of that sort, they can either help you or point you in the correct direction
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    Default Re: You will probably get tired from hearing from me.

    The local Health Department in most jurisdictions test well water to see if they are potable. Some places even require a new test everu so many years. I would start with them.
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