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    Default You will probably get tired from hearing from me.

    I have an old house (circa 1796) with an old well - don't know when the well was dug, but I understand that it is a 30 ft hand dug well. (recently inherited this house)
    I have not lifted the crumbly cement cap on the well to see what the well is lined with (ie: cement,brick,stone), but I am concerned about the potability of the water.
    I know there is a myriad of tests that can be done - but what would be the MOST important test(s) for drinking safety?
    Thanking you in advance for your help.
    Forgot to mention - the pump for the well is located in what I think was originally a root cellar and not the cellar of the house. The root cellar is about 50 feet from the house and the pipes have frozen during very cold spells (have used a hair dryer to unfreeze). The pipes are somewhat protected from freezing by heat tape, but I am thinking that I need to do something more than that or something different. please any thoughts?
    thank you
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