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    Default Restoring antique crown molding

    My husband and I recently purchased an 1806 brick federal. Our main hurdle in restoring the house is that all the wood trim is covered in 200 years of paint, which adds up to 1/4 inch on most surfaces. Throughout the house we have ornate crown molding, which includes various types of dentil molding, rope molding, and other intricate designs. We are sure the molding is more intricate than we can currently see as the designs are being swallowed by the layers of paint. What would be the most effective means of removing the paint without damaging the woodwork?

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    Default Re: Restoring antique crown molding

    my advice, if you have the money, would be to hire a restoration spe******t. if you want to do it yourself there are a plethora of stripping chemicals you can use. i'd start by speaking to an expert at a painting store to find out what to use, do a small test area yourself to see how easy/difficult i will be, then decide if you want to do it all yourself or hire a pro.

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