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    Default tree root problem

    I have tree roots that are growing at the same level of the soil. I want to build a patio there. I know I am supposed to dig down into the ground to put rock and sand under the stone. If I do this I will kill the tree, I would like to keep it for the shade on the patio. Can I build the patio over the roots? Can I build a square with railroad ties and fill it with the rock and sand I am supposed to burry? I thought I could hold them in place with concrete. Spikes sticking out of the concrete and through the ties would keep them in place. Will this work? Thanks

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    Default Re: tree root problem

    Whatever you put under this tree, you'll always be affected by it.

    Overgrown roots will lift everything in their way, and a deck which is perfectly leveled when built will become out of level very quickly.

    Your plan could work if the square that you're talking about is larger than the root base. But RR ties will probably be too short for that.

    You may have a choice of building the deck somewhere else and add some kind of cover for shade.

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