Ok here goes - I have inherited a really old house (circa 1796) located in a small coastal town in MA. The house is on property that was once a farm. I have also inherited a HUGE mouse problem.
My mom died in February and her cat has been relocated. Since I don't live in the house right now I can't keep a cat out there. I keep all the food in the house in secure places, but I still find evidence of mice (small black poop)all over. I don't think I could place enough traps to get rid of them (and the thought of taking dead mice out of traps after a week or so of decomposition is not very appealing).
I do know corn snakes are crawling about in the ceilings and walls since we have found shed skins -but they haven't been able to keep up I guess.
I don't like using poisons since there are cats and other domestic pets in the area.
Any ideas?