I have purchased two hoses over the past few years that purport to be kink-free. They are vinyl hoses that while not the most expensive ones available, they weren't the cheapest easier. However, I am ready to commit to virtually any price to have a hose that won't get knotted. I have a hose reel which is essentially useless because I have to unwind the entire hose to use it; when wound up, the hose inevitably kinks inside the reel, preventing water flow. As you might expect, it also kinks when I drag it around to use.

I am willing to invest more significantly in my next purchase but want to choose wisely. Virtually every hose available says kink-free, which is apparently a liar, liar pants on fire situation, so I'm looking for advice. Weight and price will sacrificed as necessary for quality and kink free operation. Suggestions?