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    Question Removing ivy vines from wood exterior?

    I have a old brick house with sections of wood siding that has had ivy growing on it for years. I am trying to paint the wood sections and have ripped out the ivy, but there are still stickers attached to the wood that are very difficult to get off. Very tenacious..

    Does anybody have a product or tip that will help get these fuzzy stickers off so I can paint? I tried pressure washing and it didn't make a dent.


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    Default Re: Removing ivy vines from wood exterior?

    One of the most difficult jobs is to completely removing ivy. You know that it will come back, no matter what you do.

    What kind of pressure washer did you use? use a gas power washer that has high pressure (2000 psi or more). But be careful when you use it.

    Manually, a brush (wire or nylon) with a lot of elbow grease will help. A power drill with a circular wire brush attachment will get the last of the most stubborn parts, but don't damage the wood.

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    Default Re: Removing ivy vines from wood exterior?

    I've never discovered the "silver bullet" for getting those vine feet off the siding. I always just sanded them off with a power sander, assuming it is smooth siding. On textured siding, a wire brush is better.

    Those little feet are on with Mother Nature's Super Glue

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