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    Question Metal tiles on walls - not traditional tin. Restoration?


    I have square and rectangular tiles on walls in my 1915 rowhouse (bought 5 years ago), that at first glance, everyone thinks is regular subway tile. (I wanted to attach an image, but could not get one to upload.) But the tiles are metal, almost certainly tin because aluminum would have been too expensive. The square ones are ~4" x 4", and the rectangular ones ~2" x 8.5". They were painted as part of their manufacturing - the square tiles white, the rectangular tiles red paint, but it is a very thin coat. I've been doing internet research, and cannot find mention of this type of tile anywhere, especially as used for my kitchen walls.

    Does anyone have an idea of how old these tiles might be (i.e., would they have been original to the house?)

    And how do I clean them without removing the paint? What paint would be recommended to refurbish the tiles that are in the worst state?

    If someone could offer advice, or point me to a website that could help, I'd much appreciate it!


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